Information on credit insurance

The existence of credit insurance covering the non-payment of the invoice due to insolvency doesn’t eliminate the risk of non-payment, nor is it a guarantee of the payment due to the various situations of non-payment that may occur and which are subject to evaluation by the insurer.

However, in the case of “insured” invoices, the solvency of the drawee is analyzed by an insurance company, which is responsible for payment in the event of the drawee’s insolvency.

This decision allows us to move at very low-risk levels, which makes Inversa Invoice Market a strategic ally when implementing investment strategies.

To this, we can add the facility that our platform offers to diversify by allowing the investor to invest in minimal amounts, which implies reducing the impact of a slight loss by offsetting it with the gains of the rest of the bills.

Inversa (including its employees, technicians, and collaborators) has also subscribed to professional liability insurance, with coverage for damage claims of 600,000 Euros/year, to face any possible share in the exercise of its activity.

Given the existence of a secondary market and that the investment in invoices implies a short-term return of capital, we understand that the risk of lack of liquidity is shallow.

The Inversa team systematically invests in all invoices, sharing the same interests and risks as its clients.

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