INVERSA continues to bet on innovating in Blockchain: we partnered with Alastria

We have the pleasure to communicate that Inversa has just partnered with a new association: ALASTRIA. It is a non-profit association that promotes the digital economy through the development of decentralised ledger technologies/Blockchain.

The project was born in the middle of 2017 with the vision to democratize access to Blockchain in our country and, quickly, opt for a multi-sector international expansion. Since then, it has not stopped growing: it is one of the biggest licensed and multisectoral public consortia in the world, in number of partners and diversity.

It has a clear vocation of being a pioneer reference project in the generation of new digital economy models. It promotes a self-innovation methodology that anticipates the needs of our society in relation to the use of products and services based on decentralized technologies.

Alastria has 559 affiliates from 11 different countries, distributed as follows: 

47% SMEs

42% Institutions

11% Big enterprises

These partners include 49 public administrations and 53 universities. Alastria comprises 21 activity sectors. Partners promote and consolidate interaction in a multi-sector ecosystem, they allow the capitalization of knowledge and promote crosswise interaction, within different sectors and with an international scope.

Coopetition (cooperation + competition) allows sinergies with great benefits for all participants. Inversa and all the partners collaborate in what benefits us all – in this case, new technologies – to compite in a very inmediate future with new economic models. 


Inversa bet on blockchain technology from the beginning because we are conscious of its multiple applications and developments. All contracts signed through our platform are registered on the blockchain network in an immutable and unalterable way over time, like a virtual notary. 

Becoming Alastria’s partners opens us a range of possibilites to offer new functionalities, like events registration and invoice tokenization. A token is a proof of a right’s ownership – in our case the right would be the property or the payment – that can be considered as a financial instrument. Via tokenization, each invoice receives a token (identifier), which transforms the invoice in a digital asset and allows a perfect traceability. This provides maximum security in any stage of the process (assignment, endorsement …), avoids fraud and falsification, and streamlines procedures.

All this will allow us to continue to position ourselves with the leading companies in our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. That’s why we are very please to be part of Alastria’s ecosystem. 

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