Inversa debuts on the UK podcast Tech Story FM

Ana María Belén Olmos López, CEO of Inversa Invoice Market, has analyzed the trajectory of the investment platform in the Tech Story FM podcast

Inversa Invoice Market knows no borders. Ana María Belén Olmos López, CEO of the company, recently gave an interview on one of the most prestigious podcasts on technology and finance in the UK: Tech Story FM.

The executive traveled to London to discuss SMEs’ financing needs and review Inversa’s past, present, and future plans. Olmos joins the long list of entrepreneurs who have gone through this program, which puts different founders of successful companies in front of the microphone.

Inversa’s CEO has looked back to explain on Tech Story FM how the three founders met and why, in 2019, the idea of bringing the platform to life arose: “SMEs did not have sufficient access to short-term funding to meet their liquidity needs and, at the same time, there was a growing number of customers disenchanted with the investment products offered by banks.”

As small investors did not have many options when it came to investing, the three partners decided to find a way to put them in contact with SMEs, thus creating Inversa Invoice Market, a meeting point between the two.

Ana María Belén Olmos took advantage of the Tech Story FM podcast to recap her favorite moments and share the lessons she has learned along the way, such as accepting that sometimes things take longer to materialize than initially expected, especially in terms of development.

The founder also singled out the cell phone as her favorite innovation and stressed the importance of technology’s role at Inversa, where artificial intelligence is already being implemented to optimize the platform and improve the user experience as much as possible.

Factoring, the answer to SME and investor problems

As Olmos says in the Tech Story FM interview, factoring is the cornerstone of Inversa. In the past, many banks did not offer this service to SMEs, which saw their access to this type of financial solution restricted.

Inversa decided to democratize this alternative financing mechanism, making it available to everyone. Now, small investors can finance small businesses by sending them the amount of their outstanding invoices in advance and, in return, accessing the collection rights and a certain interest rate established by both parties.

These operations can be carried out quickly and easily from any device with an internet connection, allowing people to invest their capital and enjoy considerable profits from the comfort of their homes and with multiple security guarantees since an external entity audits all invoices.

Four years and more than 18 million euros financed later, Inversa has become a good and solid product in which thousands of investors have already placed their trust to configure their investment strategies.

And what does the future hold? The forecasts are optimistic. Ana María Belén Olmos highlights in the Tech Story FM interview that the Inversa team aspires to continue growing until it becomes a reference in invoice trading throughout Europe.

An ambitious internationalization plan with which the business will expand to more countries so that small and medium-sized companies can obtain the liquidity they need regardless of where they come from.

You can enjoy the full Tech Story FM episode in the video below.

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