Inversa returns to face-to-face events

Last November we have attended events of great interest.

On November 18, a conference on alternative financing took place at the Nordés Club Empresarial headquarters, organized by Roberto Alonso, from Expert Team. From Inversa we are very grateful to both of them for organizing the event, in which prestigious speakers discussed different financing options.

Atilano Martínez, CEO of Inversa, presented FinTech proposals for alternative financing, focusing on factoring and confirming.

Javier Sánchez, General Director of A&G Packaging, explained his experience with alternative financing as a success story.

Rubén Aguión, Managing Director of Xesgalicia (Sociedad Gestora de Entidades de Inversión de Tipo Cerrado, S.A.U.) and Goyo Moreno, managing partner of Glezco Capital Partners, discussed the issue of investment funds, a great financing alternative.

Fernando Guldrís, General Director of IGAPE (Galician Institute for Economic Promotion) presented public support for business financing.

The Xunta de Galicia echoed the event with a press release that you can consult at this link.

Inversa regresa a los eventos presenciales

Between one event and another, we were also in the virtual networking that Madrid Network organizes from time to time. In a short time they will be face-to-face again, but it is a bit far for us to attend so we take the opportunity in case it is the last. In Madrid, as well as in Barcelona, ??there are a large part of our clients. Its location is indifferent to us since we are a 100% online platform, but it is always good to be known in business centers.

But do you know where we are? In Ferrol, A Coruña. A small city where very few people know the meaning of “crowdfactoring” or “Fintech”. For this reason, when the Ferrolterra Young Entrepreneurs Association invited us to participate in the VII Young Entrepreneur awards, we were delighted. In addition, in this type of event networking is done and something positive is always brought out, since we were able to chat with other businessmen and learn about projects that are being carried out in our city.

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