5 advantages of investing in businesses from home

Do you want to make the most of your savings but avoid dealing with the bureaucracy and talk to different advisors? Alternative financing platforms allow savers to invest in businesses from home. All they need is a device connected to the internet and, of course, the money to invest.

The technological revolution in which we are immersed has transformed almost every aspect of our lives. Today, the physical and the digital have merged. We buy through a marketplace, and a delivery person brings home our purchased object. Mobile apps allow us to manage our savings without going to the bank. And we can communicate with anyone instantly, even if they are in a different time zone.

FinTech has brought the process of digitization to the world of finance, putting at the service of all investors powerful technological developments that allow them to invest in businesses from home.

1. Discover investment opportunities autonomously

The technological advances of the last decades have empowered us. First personal computers and then smartphones have democratized access to the digital world. Today, almost the entire population uses the internet in their daily lives.

Alternative financing platforms such as Inversa Invoice Market have transferred this democratizing process to the field of finance. Thus, a person can invest in businesses from home with only 20 euros and a device with an internet connection.

How? Alternative financing marketplaces function as meeting points between potential investors and companies seeking financing.

For example, on the Inversa Invoice Market platform, all the invoices companies wish to assign are published. Investors can independently invest in interesting businesses because of the conditions they offer or their brand.

In such a way, marketplaces facilitate the connection between investors and companies and allow operations to be carried out successfully.

All these empower investors so that they are the ones who make the decisions on how and in what their savings are invested.

2. Have all the economic and credit information about the operation

For people to be able to invest in businesses from home, it is essential, first of all, that they have all the information about the operation.

The different modalities of alternative financings, such as crowdfactoring, incorporate the data of the company seeking financing, the credit rating, the terms of recovery of the investment and, of course, the profitability that the investors who bet on the service are going to obtain.

By knowing the operation’s risk, profitability and timing, savers can decide which products to contract and, therefore, which business projects to finance.

In this way, investors only depend on their intuition when investing in businesses but have the information they need to make an accurate decision.

3. Cut through the red tape

One of the reasons why many savers do not decide to invest in businesses from home is that they want to avoid dealing with bureaucracy.

Going to the bank, talking to an advisor, negotiating the terms of the investment, respecting the deadlines associated with the process…

Alternative financing stands out because it offers companies extremely agile financing channels. This advantage can also be transferred to the other side of the relationship. Crowfactoring or crowdlending marketplaces, such as Inversa Invoice Market, reduce the time it takes from when a person decides to invest in a business until they can do so.

Reducing bureaucracy and timeframes is key to boosting small savers’ access to the investment sector. As a result, the sum of small investors can have a more far-reaching impact than that of a large investor.

Investing in business from home does not mean giving up control over the investments you make

4. Manage your investments and reinvest what you have earned

Another advantage of investing in businesses using alternative financing platforms is the possibility of checking the status of the operation in real-time.

A person does not have to wait for his advisor to have a free slot in his schedule to check the status of his investment. Instead, they can log into the marketplace autonomously and obtain all the data instantly.

This gives them enormous room for maneuver when it comes to investment management. And it encourages savers to reinvest what they have earned on previous investments.

Autonomy is always a good thing, and even more so in the field of finance. Saving is a task that requires a lot of effort, so controlling how our savings are invested is an action to which we give special importance.

Alternative financing marketplaces allow us to manage and monitor all our investments and plan our financial decisions with all the data at our fingertips.

Investing in business from the comfort of our homes is an action that can be undertaken successfully and efficiently. Cutting-edge technological developments make it possible.

5. Make your savings count when investing in businesses that positively impact the world

Not only can we use the internet to invest in businesses from home. We can also use the network to learn more about the companies we will invest in.

An operation may be attractive from a profitability point of view, but the company behind it may harm society, and its business model needs to be revised.

Alternative financing marketplaces provide investors with key economic information on investment transactions. But they can also independently conduct their research, which they will help to finance.

As we have mentioned on other occasions, risk and profitability are combined with individual responsibility to be taken into account when investing in businesses.

More and more people are willing to bet on less profitable operations that nevertheless have a positive impact on the world. Either because they provide liquidity to companies in the real economy or because they serve to consolidate innovative and environmentally committed projects.

Investing in home-based businesses can help change the world. It may sound ambitious or grandiose, but alternative financing has made this possible. Technology is at the service of savers to help them make the most of their money fully autonomously and contribute to the consolidation of the real economy and the most innovative companies.

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