Can investing savings be a daily habit?

Investing savings can be an ongoing activity thanks to alternative financing mechanisms such as crowdfactoring

Perseverance is a valuable human quality. If Ulysses could return to Ithaca from Troy, despite all the vicissitudes of fate, it was precise because he was unwaveringly persevering and had an iron will. Fortunately, investing savings is not as challenging a task as the mythical Greek character had to face. Especially since the digitalization of finance, the irruption of FinTech and the consolidation of alternative financing platforms.

Today, investing savings can be an everyday activity carried out without having to go to the offices of a financial institution or contact an advisor. Projects such as Inversa Invoice Market have facilitated access to investment for everyone, without the need for in-depth financial knowledge or having a large amount of money to invest.

So it is possible to invest savings from your cell phone, choosing investment products that are easy to understand, having all the relevant data about the operation and making all the decisions about what and how the money is invested.

Below, we propose a much shorter and more peaceful journey than Ulysses to Ithaca. A concise tour of how Inversa’s crowdfactoring platform can help small investors to invest the savings they want daily. A new routine to monetize the savings achieved through effort and perseverance.

Easy-to-understand products

It is impossible to act daily if you cannot understand it. A child can only tie his shoes daily when he has learned how to tie a knot. A professional can perform all the actions related to his position if he has the necessary knowledge. And a person can choose to invest savings on an ongoing basis if he has a good understanding of the products he will take out.

That is why crowdfactoring has become an ideal investment mechanism for thousands of small investors. How it works is extraordinarily simple:

  1. Companies in the real economy that need liquidity in the short term upload invoices from their customers that have not yet been paid to the crowdfactoring platform.
  2. Investors can view all available invoices and decide which ones they want to invest their money in, considering profitability, credit rating, invoice expiration date and the trustworthiness of the companies involved.
  3. By investing savings in an invoice, the investor collects the agreed return in advance.
  4. The investment is recouped when the drawee company, i.e., the company obliged to pay the invoice, makes the payment.

It’s as simple as that. Inversa’s marketplace is based on the transparency of all operations and the ease with which small investors can invest their savings and fully manage all their investments.

Investing savings can generate a return on your money

Access to all relevant information

To make investing savings a daily practice, investors must have easy access to all the information they need to know to decide which products best fit their investment strategies.

If a saver has to spend hours to have all the facts about a potential investment, investing savings will not be a regular activity but an extraordinary one. An action that will only be undertaken when they have a lot of free time to sit down and design their investment strategies and evaluate the different products available to them.

That is why, at Inversa, savers can obtain in one click all the essential data on each bill offered in the marketplace:

  • Whether it is an insured invoice or not and which is the insurer.
  • The total amount of the invoice.
  • Profitability offered.
  • Rating or credit rating of the company that must pay it.
  • Credit opinion establishes the maximum amount of commercial credit recommended for a business.
  • Invoice payment term.
  • Percentage of the invoice that other investors have already financed.

This data allows investors to analyze each invoice at a glance and assess whether it is of interest to them in terms of their investment strategies.

In addition, the investor can carry out his research on the company that has to pay the invoice or on the company that has uploaded it to the platform: What are their activities, what is their turnover, what is their reputation, where do they operate? Digitalization has made it possible to make investing savings a daily habit and gives us access to a wealth of information at the click of a button.

Advanced technologies to simplify and streamline investment management

Inversa can offer all the data we have just glossed over, thanks to the use of cutting-edge tools, such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The crowdfactoring platform uses the data stored in it as a result of previous transactions and analyzes the behaviour of the ceding and drawn companies, taking into account the following:

  • The number of invoices negotiated.
  • The degree of compliance with obligations, analyzing delays in reimbursing investments.
    Before publishing an invoice, an internal financial analysis is carried out, which takes into account the magnitudes of the company’s sector obliged to pay the invoice to help investors have all the relevant information at their fingertips.

To facilitate the investment of savings, the crowdfactoring platform does the dirty work, fighting with data and economic magnitudes so that investors can make decisions in an agile, continuous and, yes, daily way.

The raison d’être of all technological innovation is to facilitate the daily lives of people and companies. For this reason, the robust technological development on which the Inversa project is based is designed to be at the service of businesses and savers, making it easier for both to access the finance and investment sector.

Investing regularly has always been challenging. And the same can be said for the ability to reinvest what you have earned through previous investments.

Reinvestment is crucial to encourage thousands of people to invest their savings daily. On Inversa’s crowdfactoring platform, savers can reinvest what they have earned in new investments to continue making their savings profitable and, in the process, support companies in the real economy.

In addition, interacting with and navigating through the platform is very simple and intuitive. Information can be accessed, or any action can be carried out quickly.

Investing savings with perseverance and constancy is a decision of great added value for savers

The possibility of automating investments

Investing savings through the Inversa marketplace is an action that can be carried out whenever you want and in just a few minutes. Looking at the new invoices listed on the platform, analyzing the financial information and deciding which invoices to invest in and how much money to spend are a series of actions that can be carried out in 10 minutes. The exact time we spend, for example, reading news in a newspaper app while having coffee in the morning. Or to see the stories of our friends on Instagram.

But what if you don’t usually have those minutes? Can’t you invest the savings you have accumulated and manage them according to your interests daily? The answer is a resounding yes, thanks to the functionality of Inversa’s crowdfactoring platform that allows you to automate investments.

Savers only have to set the parameters that the bills they want to invest their money must meet: minimum profitability, maximum risk, and maximum money that can be invested in a bill or a specific company… The platform uses advanced algorithms to process the decisions of savers and automate the investment in bills that fit their investment strategies.

In this way, anyone can decide to invest their savings on an ongoing basis without having to constantly log into the platform to analyze new invoices uploaded by ceding companies.

Investing savings can be a day-to-day activity

Perseverance is crucial in the investment industry, so we want to offer all investors the possibility to make such a valuable action as investing savings a daily habit. Investment automation significantly contributes to this transformation of investment activity into a constant in our lives.

Like everything else in life, successful investing involves a journey over time, accumulating experience and knowledge. Monetizing savings is a way of making the most of the money we have earned with our work, a way to put into value all the effort we make daily.

Investment professionals invest daily; why can’t small savers make investing a daily habit? If investing savings becomes a regular practice, the chances of earning a higher income grow.

As the poet Konstantino Kavafis wrote, it is desirable that the journey to Ithaca «lasts for many years and that you dock, old man, on the island, rich from what you have earned on the way, without waiting for Ithaca to make you rich». The same thing happens when investing savings; this activity can become a daily habit to be carried out throughout life, learning from what has been achieved and making the savings profitable with determination, constancy and perseverance.

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