Inversa presents its ethical investment platform at Galicia Avanza

The FinTech presents its invoice marketplace in Galicia Avanza, an event that brings together innovative Galician projects to share experiences and network

Inversa Invoice Market has unveiled its crowdfactoring platform at an event organized by Galicia Avanza this Wednesday, February 15, in Ourense. Galicia Avanza is a program launched by the Xunta de Galicia and the Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia (Tecnópole) to promote the internationalization and exports of innovative Galician companies.

One hundred startups and public institutions in different sectors participated in this event, from education to biotechnology, automotive, and agri-food industry or FinTech as Inversa.

Throughout the day, Ana Mª Olmos, CEO of Inversa, and Atilano Martínez, CCO of the company, presented the keys to an ethical investment platform that connects SMEs and individuals.

A marketplace with a community of more than 1,300 companies and investors, both in Spain and several European countries. An innovative project that has implemented in our country an alternative financing modality of enormous success in Northern Europe: crowdfactoring.

Through Inversa’s platform, companies can obtain liquidity in the short term, and small investors can obtain a return on their savings while supporting businesses in the real economy.

Inversa, 15 million euros were financed, and 2,500 invoices were managed

In just three years of life, Inversa has surpassed the fifteen million euro barrier by managing 2,500 invoices. This is a good example of its level of market penetration and its potential to help companies from multiple sectors to diversify their financing channels: public administrations, canning companies, pharmaceutical companies, textile companies, and packaging companies…

This is largely due to the marketplace’s extraordinarily simple operations and agile response, which allows companies to obtain liquidity in a matter of days. And investors can manage all aspects related to their investments.

In this sense, Inversa has made great efforts to democratize access to ethical investment, allowing small savers to invest from 20 euros. As a result, investors have been extraordinarily receptive to this project, to the point that the average investment per person amounts to 4,000 euros.

The same applies to SMEs and medium-sized companies. Such a way that the average amount of invoices financed by Inversa is around 6,000 euros.

Inversa has also become an invaluable ally in encouraging exports by national companies. In addition, invoices from other countries have been included in the platform, from neighboring Portugal and France to China.

Galicia Avanza, a program to internationalize innovative projects

Precisely, boosting exports of innovative Galician companies is one of the central objectives of Galicia Avanza. To this end, the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (Igape) and the Galician Technology Park (Tecnópole) have joined forces and have launched this action program.

Galicia Avanza is focused on helping Galician companies to consolidate their presence in foreign markets. Furthermore, it aims to enable cutting-edge projects born in Galicia, such as Inversa Invoice Market, to export innovations beyond our borders.

The event, which took place on February 15, has strengthened the network of startups and technology companies and shared experiences and knowledge among companies from various economic and productive sectors as well as encouraged networking, the implementation of collaboration agreements and facilitated access to aid for internationalization.

Participation in this conference is part of Inversa’s international expansion strategy, its commitment to continuous improvement and its commitment to real economy companies and investors.

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