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Legal security by registering all contracts on blockchain, which acts as a time stamp and virtual notary.
Analysis and previous credit rating of the invoices.

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Choose one or more invoices and the amount to invest for each one.


You will receive your returns in advance

100 euros at 6% a year, you will receive 6 euros * before expiration. You can accumulate them in your account or reinvest them. (* Annual calculation)


Invoice due date.

Upon invoice due date, you will receive the total amount invested (100 euros).

What credit rating does Inversa offer

The INFORMA (Spain) Rating grants an independent rating based on the level of credit quality of a company to meet its obligations on a scale of 0 to 20 in ascending order (from lowest to highest quality).

Rating: AP

Public Administrations which do not have an Informa D&B Rating due to their lack of risk.

Rating: De 16 a 20

These are companies with low risk.

Rating: De 11 a 15

These are companies with low/medium risk.

Rating: De 7 a 10

These are companies with medium/high risk.

Inversa does not trade below this level.

Rating: De 0 a 6

These are companies with high commercial risk.

The Dun & Bradstreet (International) Rating grants an independent rating based on the level of credit quality of a company to meet its obligations on a scale of 1 to 4 in descending order (from highest to lowest quality).

Rating: 1

Minimum Risk

Rating: 2

Risk Lower than average

Rating: 3

Risk Higher than average.

Inversa does not trade below this level.

Rating: 4

High risk

Rating: -

Insufficient information

The INFORMA D&B Credit Opinion is a number between 0€ and 6,000,000€ which establishes the maximum amount of commercial credit recommended for a company, based on the resources it generates.

External Credit Report analysis.

Calculated using data from Rating and Credit Opinion published in Informa D&B, leading company in business information.

COVID-19 impact: Since not all companies have been equally affected, the "Sector risk" (A, B, C) is compared with its "Resilience Index" value between 1 and 100 (where 1 is the worst result) that measures the capacity of the analysed entity to face an exceptional, unforeseen situation with significant impact on the production and / or commercial process

Refund analysis.

Through Big Data and data collected on our platform, we assess the behavior of both the assignors and drawees, based on the number of invoices negotiated and level of compliance based on delays or refunds occured.

Internal financial analysis.

Based on the financial information provided by the assignors which helps us to assess the most significant magnitudes and ratios depending on the industry or sector.

We work with recurring clients who transfer us on a regular basis invoices from their debtors that we vet and verify before publication and on which they continue to be contractually liable until the total refund of the amounts funded.

Credit risk insurance analysis.

In the case of invoices that we publish "insured", solvency of the drawee is also assessed by an insurance company, which, after carrying out a study of the debtor's financial situation, establishes a maximum risk limit per drawee, being the ultimate responsible regarding payment in the event of insolvency of the drawee.

Secondary Market

Sell your invoices or promissory notes and get your money back instantly

The Marketplace on our website offers the investor the possibility to sell their invoices or promissory notes in a secondary market, granting immediate liquidity to their investment, subject to the demand of other interested investors.

Design your investment strategy

Frequently asked questions
about investment.

The main objective we pursue as a company regarding investors is to control as much as possible the potential risk of default that would lead to the total or partial loss of the invested capital in a certain invoice. For this reason we carry out a rigorous assessment accepting only those which pass our three reliability filters: External Credit Report Analysis, Financial Analysis and Analysis of the refund history within our platform.

The existence of credit insurance covering the non-payment of the invoice due to insolvency doesn’t eliminate the risk of non-payment nor is it a guarantee of payment of the invoice, due to the various situations of non-payment that may occur and which are subject to evaluation by the insurer.

Anyway, in those “insured” invoices, the solvency of the drawee is analysed by an insurance company, which is responsible for payment in the event of insolvency of the drawee.

This allows us to operate at very low risk levels.

To this we can add the ease offered on our platform to diversify by allowing the investor to invest from small amounts, which potentially reduces the impact of a small loss by being offset by the gains of the rest of the invoices.

Inversa (including its employees, technicians and collaborators) has also subscribed to professional civil liability insurance, with coverage for damage claims of 600,000 Euros / year to deal with any possible claims arising from the exercise of its activity.

Given the existence of a secondary market and that the investment in invoices implies a short-term return of the capital invested, we understand that the risk of the lack of liquidity is low.

The Inversa team consistently invests in all invoices, sharing the same interests and risks as its clients.

By activating this option, the system will participate on your behalf in all commercial instruments which are published with the amount and return requirements, and term and risk level that you have previously set.

It only invests in commercial instruments that meet your requirements.

Automatic investment allows you to access new commercial instruments that appear before manual investors. You can stop automatic investments at any time.

Yes, the technology platform developed by Inversa Invoice Market is very useful for designing investment strategy. Also, of course, for companies in the real economy when it comes to finance invoices.

Especially in an era where the combination of access to data, speed and reliability is key to measuring the success of investments.

The invoices or promissory notes will be published on the platform, deleting all protected confidential information.

Additionally, we request verification by the drawee (company obliged to pay) of the authenticity and conformity of the same.

This way we offer total transparency and reliability for the investor.

The procedure with negotiable promissory notes is carried out by means of an endorsement whereby the holder of the promissory note transfers all the rights derived from it, becoming from that moment an exchange obligor.

On the other hand, both in the case of non-negotiable promissory notes and invoices, there is an ordinary credit assignment, transferring the corresponding payment rights. This assignment is carried out by means of reliable communication to the debtor, and it is from that moment that the funding operation can be carried out.

To carry this out it will be necessary to inform us in writing via email.

The investor always has and will have maximum flexibility and independence in its acquisitions, because until its final acceptance there will be a time period in which the investor can modify or withdraw it at no cost. Our system makes final acceptances at 12 noon each day, “closing time”, the moment from which the conditions can no longer be withdrawn or modified.

Any individual of legal age or legal entity holding a bank account in Europe.

The tax treatment of capital gains is applied to the returns, for the difference between the amount redeemed and the net amount invested, resulting from discounting the amounts received in advance from our investment.

Based on the fact that in the assignment of credits by which we communicate to the debtor their obligation to pay the assignee entails that, at the time of payment, this is made by a third party (the debtor) and not by the assignor, which implies its treatment as a capital gain.

Inversa as a platform does not apply withholdings amounts.

For simplicity purposes, in our tax summary we provide you with the added values that you can include in your income statement

Inversa does not accept deposits directly. In compliance with current legal regulations regarding management of third-party funds, funds are safeguarded in segregated accounts in the name of each client through Paymatico Payment Institution, S.L.U, an independent Payment Entity which offers secure payment solutions for financing platforms and their clients.

At no time does Inversa have direct access to clients’ money, so that even in the hypothetical case of suspension of activity by Inversa, investors could recover their funds directly from the Payment Entity.

What is Paymatico Payment Institution, S.L.U?

Paymatico is registered as a Payment Entity in the Spanish Central Bank (Banco de España) with number 6861 and address at Paseo de la Castellana 77, 28046 Madrid (España).

Paymatico acts as a service provider for Inversa and its clients, offering a payment gateway, management of deposit accounts or “escrow”, bank transfer services and refund management.

Why doesn’t INVERSA need authorisation from the CNMV to carry out its intermediation activity related to the alternative funding of SELF-EMPLOYED PROFESSIONALS AND SMEs?

Both the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and the Spanish Central Bank (Banco de España) have stated that the discount activity of promissory notes and invoices is free but that the Participatory Financing Platforms considered in the promotion of business financing law, “Ley 5/2015, de 27 de abril, de Fomento de la Financiación Empresarial”, cannot carry it out because their corporate purpose is limited, in the case of debt funding, to loan funding.

INVERSA does not need authorisation from the CNMV as a Participatory Financing Platform because its activity consists in the intermediation of SMEs funding , through the advance payment of invoices and discount of promissory notes, which is therefore a free activity.

INVERSA complies with all current regulations related to money laundering, electronic commerce, payment methods, consumer and user protection and personal data protection.

The secondary market is the place where investors can offer their investments for sale to other investors registered on the platform

Investors who sell commercial instruments on the secondary market benefit from the following advantages:

  • more liquidity in their investments, allowing them to access funds more easily.
  • the possibility of making a profit by selling the investments at a premium.

Advantages for investors who buy commercial instruments in the secondary market:

  • the possibility of investing in commercial instruments that are not available in the primary market.
  • the possibility to benefit from buying discounted commercial instruments.
  • friction reduction.

When you decide to sell your investment on the secondary market, you can do so at a premium, at par value or at a discount.

Selling at par value (0% discount / premium) means that an investment with a value of 100 euros can be bought for 100 euros.

Selling at a premium (e.g. 4%) means that an investment worth 100 euros will cost 104 euros.

Selling at a discount (e.g. 4%) means that an investment with a value of 100 euros will cost 96 euros.

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Profits are received in advance and are not subject to withholding tax
** To calculate returns, reinvestment of profits is taken into account

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