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When we are children, we wish with all our strength to reach adulthood to be free and decide what we do and where we go. Obviously, at that age, we are not aware of all the responsibilities that come with adulthood, nor that being able to act freely is more challenging than it seems. That’s why having tools that allow us to make decisions autonomously has become a goal for many people. Who would prefer to avoid managing their investments and making all the decisions about them?

Fortunately, it is now possible to manage your investments with complete autonomy without having to go to a manager to decide what your money is invested in. How? Thanks to the digitization of the financial sector and the emergence of new players such as FinTech.

In recent years, projects such as online alternative financing platforms have been consolidated, allowing small savers to have all the information they need to design their investment strategies and manage their investments.

In this article, we will tell you how to empower yourself and become your manager to manage the investments you want to make and collect them when, how, and from wherever you want.

Financial products that are easy to understand

One of the main reasons many savers have stayed away from the financial sector is the difficulty in understanding how it works.

Before the information age, investment knowledge was only available to professionals. Today, however, anyone can invest their money and manage their investments without being an expert. Why? Because there are investment products that are simple to understand, buy and sell.

The more complex products are designed for some. Futures, derivative products… These investment mechanisms offer attractive returns, but to bet on them, it is essential to know precisely how they work; otherwise, the investor may lose his money.

In contrast, other products are easy to understand and do not require much financial knowledge—for example, a classic product such as treasury bills. But there are also other products, such as crowdfactoring, which works very simply and deals with companies in the real economy.

Multiple savers invest money in an invoice provided by a company that needs to obtain liquidity in the short term and has yet to be able to collect the invoice. The investors immediately receive the agreed return (in the case of Inversa, it is around 7%). And they get their investment back when the drawee company, i.e., the company that is to pay the invoice, makes the payment.

You don’t have to be Warren Buffett to understand how crowdfactoring works, and since you can invest in an invoice from as little as 20 euros, it allows all investors to make and manage the investments that best suit their objectives.

Technology to provide critical information on investments

Digitalization has facilitated the act of investing, but above all, it has brought about a revolution in communication. Previously, only professionals had access to crucial data to evaluate an investment. Today, however, savers have at their fingertips all the information they want about the companies they are considering investing in.

In addition, thanks to Big Data and Machine Learning, platforms such as Inversa Invoice Market provide critical information about investments such as:

  • Credit rating of the company that is due to pay the invoice.
  • The credit opinion of the company
  • Reimbursement analysis, providing information on the behavior of the ceding and drawn companies.

To which must be added, of course, the primary data of any invoice:

  • Assignor company and drawee business
  • Invoice price
  • Interest on the transaction
  • The expiration date of the invoice

With all this data in front of us, it is much easier to manage your investments independently without resorting to professionals. In addition, as we pointed out before, the Internet is an infinite flow of information. Suppose a saver operating in Inversa wishes to know more about the companies that assign or owe an invoice that interests him. In that case, he can find on the Internet all the data about them that will help him determine whether to invest his money in a particular invoice.

Manage your investments without the need to call on anyone else

Invest from your cell phone without having to go to a manager

Traditionally, one of the aspects that put savers off investing their money was the need to go in person to a financial institution to meet with a manager. In recent years, this obstacle has been diluted. Today, savers can manage their investments without leaving their homes.

Traditional banking institutions have developed mobile and web apps that facilitate the autonomy of investors. And above all, the emergence of FinTech has revolutionized access to investment and investment management. Why? As the name suggests, these types of projects combine finance and technology. Through platforms such as Inversa, a person can invest their money in a matter of minutes and manage the investments they have made very quickly.

You can be comfortably seated on your couch, log on to your mobile, and consult Inversa:

  • The new invoices that have been published to check if they match your investment strategies.
  • Keep track of the status of your investments.
  • Keep an eye on the secondary market of invoices to detect investments that you missed and that interest you.
  • Manage your investments to have complete control over them.

All in a matter of seconds, which means transforming investment management into a daily habit you can do in 10 minutes over a cup of coffee.

Leveraging automation to manage your investments

Don’t have those 10 minutes? Don’t want to keep track of your investments but still want to maintain control of them? Inversa Invoice Market has a tool to automate investments.

Savers set the rules that all investments must comply with, depending on their investment strategies. For example, a person wants to invest only in invoices with a minimum return of 7%, a maximum maturity period of 90 days, an average rating, only intends to invest 500 euros, and does not care if the drawee is a public administration or a company. This sentence implies a set of decisions that the investor makes in advance.

The system takes care of investing following these decisions. In such a way that only an invoice that meets all the requirements stipulated by the investor will be purchased. Automation brings two obvious benefits:

  • It frees the investor from managing the investments he wishes to make or has already carried out on an ongoing basis.
  • It prevents the saver from missing out on an investment that is ideal for him.

Managing investments autonomously today is not only possible, but has become a simple and quick action. The introduction of automation into this equation further facilitates the ability to manage your investments successfully, catering to each investor’s objectives.

Make your own decisions about your savings

We begin this article by putting the spotlight on freedom of choice. Managing investments autonomously is a way of investing with complete freedom of action. This is increasingly relevant, given the rise of concepts such as ethical investment or ESG criteria.

Many investors want to be their managers to design strategies in which they can have full decision-making power over expected returns, risks assumed, investment diversification, choice of investment products or mechanisms, time horizons, etc.

But also on other questions that have gained importance in recent times: What is the purpose of an investment? Is the speculative economy being encouraged, or, on the other hand, is the real economy being financed? Are the companies being financed sustainably?

We live in an advanced society in which most people have an education and the ability to access information that enables them to manage the investments they make with their savings. The digitalization of the sector, led by innovative projects such as Inversa Invoice Market, has democratized access to the financial market for people who, until now, were kept away from it. Why? The process of investing is more straightforward and faster and, above all, can be carried out with total autonomy.

Do you want to manage your investments and always decide what and who you invest in without the need to go to a manager? It is now possible. You have the tools and information you need to make all the decisions about your money, make your savings profitable, and contribute to the consolidation of the productive fabric.

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