Obtain extra income to build a life project

People can invest their savings continuously and independently to obtain extra income to carry out their life plans

Suppose the writer Virginia Wolf longed to have a room of her own, a space of freedom for herself today. In that case, many people in their twenties and thirties want to build a life project without having to depend on their parents and achieve financial independence. With the high cost of living, rents and mortgages, salaries are no longer enough to build a life plan, hence the need to obtain extra income to supplement the income channel par excellence: the salary.

The world has changed a lot in recent years, mainly due to the technological revolution we live through. In the past, many life plans consisted of having a job for life, getting married, taking out a mortgage and having children. Today, on the other hand, fewer and fewer people in their 20s and 40s are getting married, having children and, above all, staying in the same job for decades, which allows them to afford a mortgage.

Although many people no longer dream of reproducing a life model similar to that of their parents, all young people have the desire for independence in common, which implies having sufficient financial resources to form their own homes and build an autonomous life project.

In this mission, they not only have paid work or the implementation of entrepreneurial projects at their disposal but can also earn extra income through the investment sector. Mainly thanks to the democratization of investments due to the emergence of FinTechs and innovative projects such as Inversa Invoice Market.

This article will analyze how extra income can be obtained to supplement salaries and build complete life projects despite the high cost of living.

Rents, housing prices and mortgages are skyrocketing

If there is a central aspect when building a life project, it is the place where it is set in motion: the person’s home. So much so that the Spanish Constitution recognizes the right to housing for all citizens. Unfortunately, the escalation of the prices of houses and apartments, the high installments paid for variable mortgages and the continuous rise in rents make it difficult for millions of people to access their own homes, whether purchased or rented.

As a result, in many cities, even if a person has a job, he cannot afford to rent an apartment alone, let alone access a mortgage. As a result, many young people cannot leave their parent’s homes or resign themselves to sharing an apartment with other people to avoid the rent taking up a large part of their salary.

Against this backdrop, investment mechanisms such as crowdfactoring allow people to obtain extra income to add to their salaries and enable them to access housing independently.

Inflation and the loss of purchasing power of salaries

To the housing problem, we must add the effects of the crises of recent decades and, above all, the high inflation that has been stalking us for the last two years. Both issues have caused salaries to lose purchasing power because life has become more expensive than they have risen in recent years.

The governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernández de Cos, estimates that wages will not recover their lost purchasing power from 2022 until at least 2026.

In such a way, a salary used to finance certain things will now be used to meet fewer costs.

This implies that obtain extra income is increasingly essential for an independent life project.

Earning extra income by investing in companies is a way of supplementing your salary

Diversifying income to achieve financial freedom

The socio-economic situation has also led to the rise of a critical concept of this era: financial freedom. More and more people want to earn enough passive income so that they are not dependent on their salary and can devote their time to personal, professional, entrepreneurial or creative activities.

Although achieving financial freedom is a long-term goal, the path toward it undoubtedly involves obtaining extra income that makes people less dependent on their salary.

For this reason, all young (and not so young) people who want to be independent and not have to make ends meet at the end of the month should opt to free themselves from extreme dependence on their salaries and invest the money they have been earning with all their effort to maximize their savings.

Access to investment has been democratized

When one salary was enough to build a life project, small savers had less incentive to invest their money. And also, why deny it? Less need to do so. Hence, bank deposits and housing were the classic investment assets of most citizens.

In addition, access to investment was more cumbersome and complex since it was necessary to go to traditional financial institutions and go through the whole bureaucratic process. In addition, many products were either difficult to understand (derivatives, for example), required a high level of knowledge of the financial market (the stock market) or required a high minimum capital (many investment funds).

On the other hand, today, everyone can access the investment market without delegating the management of their investments. How? Thanks to the development of mobile and web applications that streamline dealings with financial institutions and, above all, to the emergence of FinTech.

These innovative projects use cutting-edge technology to digitize the financial sector and facilitate access to investment and financing. In this sense, retail investment platforms such as Inversa allow people to earn extra income by making their money profitable from just 20 euros and their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Inversa: How to obtain extra income quickly and easily

In Inversa Invoice Market, people who wish to obtain extra income to build the life project won’t have an investment product that is simple to understand and manage: investing in companies’ invoices in the real economy.

The operation on the platform is effortless. After registering on it, only 24 hours pass from the moment the company processes the registration, and the investor can begin to make his savings profitable.

What does Inversa offer young people who need extra income to supplement their salary?

  • The issued and uncollected invoices of companies needing liquidity in the short term.
  • The possibility of obtaining returns above 8% on average and in advance.
  • Recover your investments in no more than six months.
  • All the critical information to decide which invoices to invest in: data on the assignor and debtor companies, repayment analysis of both, credit rating, interest and terms of the operation…
  • Total decision-making capacity to make investments, sell them on the secondary market and control the entire process from your cell phone or computer.
  • Obtain extra income without resorting to a financial manager, go to a bank, or consume a lot of time.
  • Turning investment into a daily habit allows investors to obtain extra income continuously.
To achieve financial freedom, obtain extra income is essential

You make the decisions, and Raimon helps you automate their conversion into investments

In addition to the above, Inversa Invoice Market’s platform has a great added-value technological tool, especially in today’s fast-paced world: Raimon, an assistant to automate investments.

When we think about building a life plan, we first consider the money we need to rent a house, take on a mortgage, meet expenses such as electricity or internet and invest in our professional or artistic projects. But it is also essential to think about another crucial element: time.

Having a job as an employee or being a self-employed professional or an entrepreneur consumes a significant amount of time every day, to which we must add travel and the time we must dedicate to our family or friends.

That is why Inversa has developed a solution that allows people to earn extra income without having to dedicate much time to it.

Thanks to Ramon, any user of the investment platform can set the parameters that all their investments must meet, depending on the investment strategies they have designed:

  • How much money one wishes to invest in total and how much in a single bill.
  • What should be the minimum return on investment?
  • What is the maximum risk you wish to assume and the maximum term to recover what you have invested?
  • Indicate that you want to invest in the invoices of certain companies that generate remarkable confidence in the investor.

The importance of obtaining extra income continuously

In this way, savers can make decisions about their investments in advance and delegate to Raimon the transformation of these decisions into real investments that allow them to obtain extra income to finance their way of life and their plans. What do they get out of it?

  • They are freed from having to consult the Inversa marketplace on an ongoing basis to identify investment opportunities that fit their strategies. This saves them a great deal of time.
  • They avoid missing out on attractive investments.
  • They can earn extra income continuously without interruptions that could weigh down their financial situation.

In short, the loss of purchasing power since the 2008 crisis, inflation and the housing crisis have particularly affected people who want to embark on an independent life project, have a home or start a family.

Faced with a scenario in which salaries cannot cover all the basic needs of people and allow them to lay the foundations of their life plans, investment platforms such as Inversa become essential allies to obtain extra income that would enable people to have more financial resources and thus be more independent and free.

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