Inversa in the map of the FinTech ecosystem in Spain made by El Referente

16 September 2020
INVERSA en el Mapa Fintech de España elaborado por El Referente.

We are already 400 startups in the Fintech sector!

This indicates that we are on the right track: we are creating an increasingly solid community that is fundamental to face the times of change that lie ahead. We are immersed in a financial revolution, a change of model where the community and alliances will be fundamental. In this sense, we are grateful for the work of divulgation, communication and connection that the newspaper "El Referente" is carrying out.

It is very useful to map Spain's Fintech ecosystem. It offers a photo of where we are as a country, where we want to be and what we should aspire to within a global movement. INVERSA Invoice Market and the other companies that are part of this photo have the opportunity to bring our experience, enthusiasm and conviction to work for the consolidation and solidity of a FinTech sector that is competitive worldwide. 

We are pleasantly surprised by the diligence of this article, where each of the 400 startups that are part of it are mentioned. Our platform is described, among others, in the lending section:

"Inversa is the alternative financing online platform that connects a community of investors who demand greater profitability for their savings with companies, professionals and freelancers who seek liquidity through the advance of invoices. Within the crowdlending segment, the company has become specialized in what has come to be called crowdfactoring or invoice trading."

INVERSA en el Mapa Fintech de España elaborado por El Referente.

We love being part of this challenge and we are proud to occupy a place within the Map of the Spanish Fintech ecosystem.

Thank you and congratulations on this thorough study.

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Berta Otero Serantes
Berta Otero Serantes

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