Short-term investments: Adapting your investment strategies to the pace of the world

At Inversa, you can make short-term investments, obtain returns in advance, and diversify your strategies to make your savings profitable

For Aristotle, one of the most influential thinkers in the history of humanity, «time is the measure of the movement between two instants». In the field of investment, time measures the distance between instant 1, i.e., when the investment is made, and instant 2, when the investment is recovered and the agreed return is obtained.

We can speak of short-term or long-term investments depending on the time an investment lasts. Some classic examples of long-term investments are index funds, real estate, such as real estate, or exchange-traded funds.

While in terms of short-term investments, we can find shares, fixed-term deposits, or crowdfactoring.

In this article, we will explain the keys to short-term investments and focus on how, through Inversa’s crowdfactoring platform, it is possible to diversify investment strategies, obtain profitability in advance, and recover the investment in less than a year.

Speed in recovering the investment and obtaining profitability

As we pointed out in the introduction, one of the crucial aspects of short-term investments is the time that elapses from the moment they are made until the investor recovers his money.
Through investment mechanisms such as the Inversa invoice marketplace, savers can quickly recover their investment. This is a crucial issue for many investors who wish to have greater availability of their money.

Long-term investments mean giving up that availability to achieve their target return. On the other hand, short-term investments, such as the purchase of invoices from companies in the real economy, guarantee extraordinarily short payback periods and favor the availability of savings and the ability to have liquidity, either to continue investing or to undertake any action the saver wishes to take.

Large investors can only afford to have the money they invest for a short period. However, many small savers want to be able to get their money back in short periods since they may need it at some point. Short-term investments reconcile the desire to get a return on savings with the possibility of avoiding liquidity problems by having the money invested.

Just as the time to recover the investment is shortened, so is the time to obtain a return.

Thus, short-term investments allow savers to make their savings more quickly profitable. Interest from short-term operations is earned sooner and can be reinvested in new processes.

Greater dynamism and freedom in designing investment strategies

Beyond recovering the invested amount and obtaining profitability, another critical aspect of short-term investments is that they allow savers to design more dynamic investment strategies. Why? Short-term investments facilitate a more significant movement of capital, as it is returned to the investor more quickly than long-term investments.

Savers can, therefore, choose to design short-term investment strategies that combine products with a variable return, such as stock market shares, with fixed-return instruments, such as investments in bills of real-economy companies.

This means that savers do not have to limit themselves to designing an investment strategy and waiting for it to pay off over time. They can make more investments, try different investment mechanisms, and implement more diversified investment strategies in which they play a more active role.

In addition, it is essential to point out, when talking about short-term investments, that they also facilitate the reinvestment of savings and the interest earned. This results in a greater dynamism of investment strategies and the market in general.

After all, the sooner you get your money back and have it at your disposal, as well as the interest earned from investing, the sooner you will be able to make new investments with which you can continue to make your money profitable.

Short-term investments allow the design of dynamic investment strategies

The Inversa Formula: Short-term investments and profitability in advance

If we have talked about short-term investments in general, we must now address the specificities of Inversa Invoice Market. On this alternative financing platform, savers can purchase invoices issued by companies in the real economy that their customers have not yet paid.

Recovering the investment in less than half a year

The investment recovery period is in line with the expiration date of the invoice in which the investment is made. In Inversa’s marketplace, the maximum expiration date is 180 days, i.e., half a year.

However, it is more common for invoices to have a term of 90 days, only three months.
This makes the invoices offered in Inversa excellent short-term investment options that provide an average return of over 7% in extraordinarily short periods.

Obtaining returns in advance

Unlike most other investment mechanisms, the Inversa model guarantees savers that they will receive their returns in advance. Thus, as soon as an invoice is financed, all those who invested in it will receive the agreed interest.

This means that savers have the interest immediately, without waiting for the invoice to be paid, and can use it for further investment. This strengthens their ability to reinvest, design dynamics, and proactively implement investment strategies.

Ability to tap the secondary invoice market

As if all this were not enough, the Inversa Invoice Market allows platform users to make their investments even more dynamic through the secondary invoice market. In this market, they can sell their investments to other savers if they wish to recover them on the spot without waiting for the invoices to be paid.

This can be particularly useful if you need access to liquidity you do not have or want to raise money to make a new investment that is particularly interesting and in line with your strategy.

Thanks to the secondary market, investors can buy bills they missed in the primary market and negotiate among themselves to adjust their investment portfolios to their return, time, and risk objectives.

Short-term investments to support long-term projects

Can short-term investments help companies in the real economy consolidate their business models for the long term? At Inversa Invoice Market, yes.

Thousands of people invest their money in business invoices, and this allows them to obtain liquidity in the short term. With this money, companies can invest, expand their customer base, take on more orders, deal with unforeseen events, and finance growth.

A transparent and easy-to-understand product

Investing in the stock market requires a certain level of knowledge about the stock market and the financial sector and access to crucial information about listed companies to assess when it is the right time to buy or sell shares. On the other hand, crowdfactoring is an investment mechanism that everyone can understand.

Companies needing liquidity in the short term offer their invoices on platforms such as Inversa. Thousands of small investors can invest in these bills in exchange for a fixed return. The investor gets his investment back once the debtor business pays the invoice.

Inversa’s marketplace makes essential information about each invoice available to investors, allowing them to make investment decisions with all the facts in hand:

  • Interest
  • Credit rating of the debtor company
  • Credit opinion
  • Invoice term

In addition, thanks to Big Data, Inversa Invoice Market performs a reimbursement analysis to study the behavior of ceding and debtor companies. In addition, investors can research the companies involved in a transaction by using the virtually infinite wealth of information provided by the Internet.

In short, short-term investments can be very interesting for thousands of savers who wish to earn interest on their money in a short period and, in addition, are interested in having liquidity and betting on dynamic investment strategies in which they reinvest what they have earned.

To help them in this task, Inversa Invoice Market offers thousands of small investors the possibility of acquiring invoices from SMEs with which they can make their savings profitable and, at the same time, finance the productive fabric.

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