The democratization of finance

If we ask a child to write three or four desires, possibly some of them dream of a world in peace, without injustices, without poverty, in short, of a better world.

But for an adult, these words sound like an utopia, like impossible dreams. Our speech tends to be defeatist; life and experience had demonstrated us how difficult it is to change certain things. This thinking builds mental barriers that make us conformists and lead us to: “Nothing can be done”.

Until everything blows up.

It is then that the valuable survival instinct awakens and forces us to reinvent ourselves.

We started talking about community, cooperation and joining forces to be stronger.

Technology arises as the main tool to get this conection, achieving a multiplier effect of transformation. The client gains weight, and power of choice and decision. Some of this empowerment encompasses all business areas and disciplines.

We are witnessing a revolution that is the result of another, the technological one, which is changing business models in almost all sectors and, of course, the financial one is no exception.

Finances are undergoing a profound change. Digitization and the emergence of online platforms offer speed, transparency and peer-to-peer relationships, or what is the same, more democratic relationships.

The customer is becoming more informed and demanding, which must be taken by companies as something positive that motivates us and infects us with this imperative when offering our product or service.

We are in the face of a hopeful challenge that benefits us all at the end, and can change the message to: “Yes, we can do something”

And we are doing it.

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