Young investors: Profitability, business, and the world await you

Young investors can use their money to earn interest and contribute to the sustainability of the productive fabric and society

Who can invest their money? The enormous changes that have taken place in the field of finance in recent years allow us to answer: everyone. Older people, young investors, middle-aged citizens, entrepreneurs, professionals, investors with extensive financial knowledge, savers with no experience in the sector…

This represents a massive paradigm shift and radically modifies many people’s conception of the investment market as a terrain reserved for large fortunes and highly qualified investors. Why has this small revolution occurred? There are many factors, but we can point to a few:

  • The existence of investment products that are easy to understand and tangible.
  • The emergence of investment mechanisms that connect thousands of people with hundreds of companies in the real economy.
  • The development of platforms and applications that facilitate the possibility of investing from home.
  • Access to a vast amount of information through the Internet.
  • The growing educational level of citizens has dispelled the fear of financial products.
  • The habit of buying through the Internet has opened the way to the desire to invest digitally.
  • Etc.

This breeding ground is conducive to a group traditionally distanced from the financial sphere deciding to benefit from its potential. Who are we talking about? Young investors.

Next, we will tell you why young investors can play a fundamental role in the investment sector. We’re going to look at why investing can be a precious activity for thousands of people who want to make the most of the money they have and, at the same time, contribute to building a better world and a more sustainable society.

Investing from 20 euros and without stepping foot in a financial institution

What is the first obstacle many people wishing to invest have historically faced? The need to have a minimum amount of capital that is too high. In investment mechanisms such as crowdfactoring, this barrier disappears. For example, in the Inversa Invoice Market, anyone can invest only 20 euros.

We are not going to play the trick of indicating that 20 euros is what we spend on a couple of drinks on a Saturday night or what a T-shirt costs in a clothing store. But 20 euros is a sum of money within the reach of all young investors.

Undoubtedly, there are people who, in their youth, already have a certain amount of savings, either because of their family’s economic situation or because, despite their youth, they already have a few hours of work behind them. But the most usual thing is that young investors do not have significant amounts of money and, therefore, the amount you can dedicate to the investment is small. Does this imply that they should renounce this option?

Not at all. Investment mechanisms such as Inversa’s marketplace allow young investors to invest the amount of money they want and to adjust their investment strategies according to their liquidity needs at any given moment.

All this without the need to go to a manager or a financial institution. This may seem like a minor issue, but it is not. Young investors want full autonomy over their investment strategies from their mobile and computer devices and avoid the need to have an intermediary or deal with the bureaucracy associated with certain investment products.

After all, many young investors think, “If I can buy a sweatshirt on eCommerce, buy a plane ticket, or book a restaurant reservation from my mobile, why do I have to go to a traditional financial institution to manage my investments?”

Digital natives are used to managing their bank accounts

One of the fundamental characteristics of young investors, which allows us to observe why they may be attracted to FinTech products, is that they are digital natives. Not only are they accustomed to operating through digital tools in almost all areas of their lives, but they have grown up at the same time as digitalization has spread to homes and businesses.

Young investors already manage their finances digitally through banking platforms and mobile apps and pay off their debts by making bizums. Being used to working their accounts from their mobile or computer, they are also more predisposed to invest from these devices without seeking advice and facing a learning curve.

Any young investor can register on the Inversa platform and access all the functionalities from the second 1. The marketplace is intuitive and easy to use for investors who need to gain excellent digital skills. So, it’s a breeze for young investors who are used to all kinds of apps and websites.

Many young investors have struggled with the virtual campuses of universities. Next to them, the cutting-edge technological developments of FinTechs are a piece of cake.

Young investors can make their savings profitable

In the face of the uncertainty of cryptocurrencies, the possibility of investing in tangible products is a real opportunity

Proof that young investors are a growing collective and may prove key to the growth of the investment sector is the boom experienced by cryptocurrencies in recent years.

Many young investors have entered the cryptocurrency market influenced by their friends and seduced by the possibility of investing from their mobile or computer and obtaining high returns.

What is the problem with this product? Uncertainty. Many of the young investors who have put their money in cryptocurrencies have lost significant amounts, mainly because they did not understand the product and because cryptocurrencies have fluctuations that are not associated with market logic.

Faced with this scenario full of uncertainties, which has already turned many people away from the crypto universe, young investors can opt for simple and tangible investment mechanisms—for example, invoices. On Inversa Invoice Market, it is possible to invest from your computer or mobile just 24 hours after registering on the platform.

The marketplace offers everything that cryptocurrencies do not: the data of the companies involved to be able to research them on the Internet, the credit rating to know precisely the risks of the operation, the profitability to be obtained, the term of payment of the invoice…

Young investors do not have to base their decision-making on intuition, recommendations from friends, or pure luck. On the contrary, if they want to succeed in their investment strategies and make money, they must make decisions based on data. Dozens of investment mechanisms shed light on how they work and allow them to manage investments autonomously and safely.

Young investors can channel their vitality to make money

Fortunately, we have all been young once and remember exactly how much energy we have during that phase. Why not channel it for our benefit? The democratization of investments allows young investors to set their investment goals, design their strategies, implement them, adapt or modify them, diversify their portfolios to combine short- and long-term products, fixed and variable returns, and so on.

The options are endless, and young investors are precisely at the perfect time in their lives to learn by investing and test different investment mechanisms to see which ones best suit their needs and objectives.

In addition, we must maintain sight of another critical factor, one of the most relevant values for human beings: freedom.

Through retail investment platforms such as Inversa Invoice Market, young investors can purchase invoices with full autonomy based on the transaction data and their ability to inform themselves through the Internet. They can also sell their investments on the secondary market and actively manage all their investments, especially since Inversa offers short-term products.

Making our savings profitable is beneficial for everyone, but for young investors, it can make all the difference. Why? Investments can help people set up exciting life projects.

Combining environmental and social concerns with profitability

Beyond getting a return on their money, young investors can be attracted to the investment market by an increasingly relevant aspect: wanting to contribute to the transformation of the economy and society.

The struggle for ideals and the desire to bring about change to live in fairer societies is a burning issue for many young people. Without going any further, the Fridays For Future movement that has taken to the streets of cities around the world in recent years, demanding that governments and companies take action against the climate crisis, has been organized by very young people. But… can they only resort to activism?

No. Investment can also be a way to help change the status quo. Through alternative investment mechanisms such as crowdfactoring, crowdlending, or crowdfunding, young investors can support the launch, growth, and consolidation of sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially and ecologically responsible projects.

20 euros will not change the world. Nor with 500. Nor with 1,000. However, the sum of many small investments can impact society and the productive fabric.

Young investors can use their money not only to reap interest but also to contribute to the transformation of the economy towards a more sustainable model.

Who said that a 20-year-old from Germany cannot invest in a wind farm in Galicia from his cell phone? At Inversa, he can.

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