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Funding your invoices with Inversa will not affect your credit rating.

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Within 24/48 hours we will carry out a viability study and assign an interest rate according to the rating obtained.


Selling invoices

The selected invoices will be offered on our platform to our investors.


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As soon as the invoice amount is covered, you will receive up to 90% of its value in your account, remaining the rest of the amount retained.


End of transaction

Upon invoice due date and after it is paid, Inversa will automatically transfer the amount withheld to the company after deducting the corresponding interest rates, commissions and expenses.

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Frequently asked questions about funding.

In the case of negotiable promissory notes or other commercial instruments, access to credit will not be made until the borrower carries out the total or partial transfer of the title through the corresponding endorsement signature. Regarding non-negotiable promissory notes or other commercial instruments, a credit assignment agreement will be formalised between Inversa, acting on behalf of the investor, and the company. (The assignor)
The relationship between the company and its debtor client is vital for its business, so we will never contact your client directly in case the payment is not made effective on the agreed date. It is important that you, as the assignor, follow up with your client to confirm that the debt will be serviced on its due date. We establish a period of 5 days for payment management due to delays that could usually occur with transfers and value date. In case your debtor has not paid on the invoice due date, we establish a 15 day grace period where we will contact you so that payment can be completed with your mediation.

If more than 15 days have passed since the expected payment date and we have not received the payment or an acceptable refund proposal, we will begin to apply a penalty rate and we will suggest the voluntary repurchase of your debt.

Once a maximum period of 30 days has concluded and if no agreement has been reached a repurchase demand will be issued, that will force you to repurchase the invoice. For this purpose, Inversa could use your withheld and available balances on the platform to offset your debt.

Currently, it is only possible to fund invoices established for individuals registered as self-employed or small companies. These invoices must be the result of their business activity.

We will run fraud and credit checks through a fairly quick process that will not affect your credit rating. Once some minimum requirements have been met, the solvency of the debtor company which owes the invoice will be the determining acceptance factor. We will carry out three types of analysis: External Credit Report Rating, Internal Financial Analysis and Analysis of the refund history if already a client.

Only investors will have access to this information and in order to do so, they will have to sign strict confidentiality agreements.

No, Inversa only funds invoices for goods and services that have been delivered or rendered.

You can sell invoices, as well as negotiable and non-negotiable promissory notes.

Yes. Inversa offers a funding proposal for each invoice, giving the company freedom to decide whether to accept or reject it.

You can cancel your request on the platform, at any time prior to the publication of the invoice. Once published, you must notify us in writing so that we can proceed with the cancellation.

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