Data protection policy

Treatment of personal data

At Galaicus Fintech, S.L. (hereinafter INVERSA) we care about security and confidentiality in the treatment of information and data provided by our clients and in their financial transactions. For this reason, we share with you our Data Protection policy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation “Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (RGPD) UE 2016/679, de 27 de abril de 2016, aprobado por el Consejo y Parlamento Europeo”, to maintain at all times your data in a lawful, reliable and transparent manner in accordance with national and European legislation both in the collection and in any subsequent processing of your personal data.

In addition to the Principles of legitimacy, integrity and legality when processing personal data, this Data Protection Policy will pay special attention to the principles of minimisation, accuracy, limitation of the conservation period that necessary, as well as integrity and confidentiality and, in general, proactive responsibility.

INVERSA has developed this Data Protection Policy to help you obtain information about our privacy practices and to help you understand the options you have available when using our website and services. You can find more information in the Cookies policy and in the General Conditions of Use.

By providing us with your personal information and when using our websites, we understand that you have read and understood the terms related to the information on personal data protection that have been set out; we are in any case at your disposal for any clarification.

Who we are?

Galaicus Fintech, S.L. is a company that was born in 2017 with the brand name INVERSA, dedicated to intermediation, discounting promissory notes and invoices through a Platform that it made available to its clients. Inversa is registered in the Mercantile Register of A Coruña, “Registro Mercantil de A Coruña (Tomo 3631, Folio 20, Hoja C-56.394, inscripción 1ª)”; with registered address at C/Estrella, nº4, 15401, Ferrol (A Coruña) and TIN (CIF) B-70535414.

The services offered by INVERSA are subject to current legislation. INVERSA’s activity is not subject to any prior administrative authorisation regime, nor are the projects included on the Platform subject to authorisation by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) or Spanish Central Bank (Banco de España). INVERSA presents the data on the Platform for informational purposes only and does not provide any financial advisory service. Investors themselves must assess and decide whether the investment meets their needs and risk profile, as they are solely responsible for the decision taken and its results. INVERSA enables the use of the Platform as a channel to put in contact investors and funding applicants or assignors; INVERSA is not responsible for the results of the investments, the INVESTOR is who takes on the entire risk of the investment made.

  • Name or company name: Galaicus Fintech, S.L. (INVERSA)
  • Registered address: C/ Estrella, nº4, 15401, Ferrol (A Coruña)
  • TIN (C.I.F.): B70535414
  • Phone number: 881 931 465
  • Email:
  • Registration: Registro Mercantil de A Coruña (Tomo 3631, Folio 20, Hoja C-56.394, inscripción 1ª)
  • Website:

For what purpose do we collect your personal information?

The information you provide is used to offer you the best possible service with the levels of quality and guarantee that you expect from us both when managing your contracts on the Platform, and to maintain the commercial relationship and keep you informed, unless you object, regarding offers and financial services that we offer you.

Unless we expressly indicate otherwise at the time of collecting your personal data, all personal data that we collect through the Website or by any other means, is mandatory, essential for the formalisation, maintenance, development, compliance and / or control of the business relationship, and where appropriate, for the assessment of your request. Refusal to provide any personal data, consent to any of the requested authorisations or opposition to any of the reported treatments, could lead to the failure of providing the requested service, and where appropriate, to the automatic denial of the request, of which you would be appropriately informed.

In any case, the purpose of commercial prospecting is voluntary and as we have indicated, you can oppose to it at any time. With your consent, your personal data may also be used, to send or communicate, by any means including mail, telephone, Internet, SMS or other electronic means, information, advertising and offers of products and services of other companies related to the financial, distribution, insurance, health and beauty, housing, telecommunications, leisure, training, hotels, restaurants, travel, transportation, mass consumption, automotive, energy, water and NGO sectors.

INVERSA will check the advertising exclusion lists in order to avoid sending unwanted advertising. You can request at any time to stop receiving advertising from us or from third parties, if authorised. In this case, and to meet your request, you will be included in a list with the sole purpose of reducing or suppressing the advertising you receive.

In addition, in order to continue offering you products and services of your interest and to improve your experience as a client, we prepare a “client profile” based on the information provided. We do not make individual decisions based solely on automated processing. Likewise, we will carry out market studies and commercial prospecting, reports on consumption habits, statistical data and market trends in order to improve or expand those services that may be of interest to you.

On the other hand, we also use your data to control fraud by preparing credit rating profiles (scoring). This information will be used exclusively for this purpose, or to comply with legal obligations.

How have we obtained information about you? What personal data do we collect?

We collect personal information about you by different means, mainly when you have hired through our websites. In any case, at the time of data collection, you will be informed of the entity responsible, the purpose and justification, the recipients of the information, as well as the way to exercise the rights granted by the current legislation on data protection, information that is included in the conditions of your contract with INVERSA.

In general, the personal information that you provide us is: name, surname, address, ID, date of birth or age, email, contact telephone numbers, payment information, academic and professional information, employment, commercial information, social circumstances, economic, financial and insurance, and transfers of goods and services.

INVERSA’s promotional offers and its website are not aimed at minors. If you are a minor, please do not attempt to register as a user of our websites, applications or products. If we discover that we have mistakenly obtained personal information from a minor, without proper authorisation, we will delete such information as soon as possible.

We collect personal data when you visit our websites and / or use our services, and specifically, when you carry out he subsequent-uses, we collect the following data:

  • Registration and usage information:
    When you register on our website and create an account to use our services, in general, we collect the following personal data: Name, surname, TIN (NIF), date of birth or age, address, contact telephone numbers, email. We may request more information from you as the contractual relationship progresses, for example, when you request funding.
  • Transaction information:
    When you use our services we collect information about the transaction carried out, such as the amount, investor data (if applicable), bank account, information regarding payment instruments used and about the device and geolocation. For your peace of mind, we do not collect your credit or debit card details when you top up your payment account.
  • Financing request:
    When you request funding, we collect your professional data, employment, social, economic and financial circumstances to study the viability of the requested funding. Specifically, the personal data that we collect at first, apart from those already collected in the registration as a user, and without prejudice to requesting additional data if necessary to study the viability of the funding, are the following: sex, civil status, number of children, employment status and seniority, type of permanent residence (rented, family …), amount paid for monthly dwelling, date of acquisition of the permanent residence, second home, monthly net income, spouse’s monthly net income (if applicable), monthly loan payment amount and bank account.
  • Other uses of our website and services:
    • We may collect additional information when you contact us on the Website, through our Client Support Service or when you conduct a survey.
    • We also collect data on other parties included in the funding request, in particular, from legal representatives or shareholders (for legal entities). The personal data collected in these cases are identification data, social and financial circumstances.
    • In addition, we also collect your personal data from third party sources, such as agents, data providers, payment service providers or credit bureaus, always in compliance with the law in force at all times.
    • In general, through cookies we can obtain and store various personal information as well as non-personalised global statistics. For more information about cookies on our website, please visit our Cookies Policy.

What is the legitimacy for the processing of your data?

We specify below the legal basis that justifies in each case the different processing of your personal data:

  1. As a consequence of the contract to be entered into, to ensure the Websites work and provide services: the offering of financing and investment opportunities in INVERSA’s proposals, as well as invoicing, accounting, execution and management of payment operations, in its case, services and declaration for tax purposes when it comes from said operations. We also use your personal data to authenticate your access to your account, communicate with you regarding your account, the websites, create a connection between your account and an account at an external payment entity.
    The Client consents and authorises INVERSA to keep their data, even when the request has not been accepted by INVERSA, in order to comply with legal obligations and avoid duplication in the assessment of new requests.
  2. As a consequence of the legitimate interest of INVERSA, the following treatments are based, which are necessary to be able to provide you with the service:
    1. Evaluate the requests received and compare information to check its accuracy and verify it, carry out a correct evaluation of the information sent to make an adequate risk assessment, provide greater security in the activity and improve the commercialisation of the products and services offered by INVERSA .
    2. Carry out solvency checks, consult the existing financial solvency files and notify them of any payment incident, provided that the requirements established by the applicable Personal Data Protection regulations are met.
    3. Evaluate the credit capacity for the purpose of studying the pre-grant, approval or denial of the application, request information regarding credit history for the analysis and decision of your financing request from any person recognised in law that INVERSA considers relevant and, in case of concession, for its follow-up. INVERSA may use scoring or scoring valuation models, including exclusively automated processing or not.
    4. Use the data derived from their relationship with the Client in a dissociated way to be able to carry out statistical or market analysis and studies that can be used and exploited for own benefit or that of third parties.
    5. Manage our business needs, such as monitoring, analysis or improvement of services and websites, as well as their operation and tools.
    6. Manage risks, services and prevention of fraud or abuse.
    7. Comply with the conditions of our websites and services, manage our day-to-day business needs and comply with regulatory obligations and current legislation at all times.

      In the case of Advertising and Commercial Actions, also on the basis of legitimate interest, unless you have already granted us your consent:

      The prospective offer of products and services by any means including mail, telephone, Internet, SMS or any electronic means is based on the legitimate interest of the company to offer its products and services by any of the means described to its contacts, authorising said communications of products and services of Galaicus Fintech, SL (INVERSA) related to the financial sector. According to law on Information Society Services, “Ley 34/2002, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información”, if you are our client and maintain a contractual relationship with us, we are legally authorised to send you commercial communications, via email or other equivalent electronic means (for example SMS), related to products or services similar to those that you have hired with us, in all other cases, we will obtain your express consent.

    8. Prepare client profiles for commercial purposes, to offer them INVERSA and / or third parties products and / or financial services, associated with the activity of the Entity, and belonging to the financial activity sectors.

      On the basis of your consent:

      • The prospective offer of products and services by any means including mail, telephone, Internet, the Platform itself or SMS, or any other electronic means in order to provide you information, advertising, newsletters and INVERSA offers, also authorising said product communications and third-party services related to the financial, distribution, insurance, health and beauty, housing, telecommunications, leisure, training, hotels, restaurants, travel, transport, mass consumption, automotive, energy, water and NGO sectors. We may also process your personal data to personalise certain services or websites, with the intention of responding better to your interests.
      • Provide personalised services, offers or samples offered by INVERSA on third party websites and internet services. We may use cookies and other tracking technologies to provide these services online or work with third parties, such as data analytics or advertising companies, to provide such services.
      • Provide you with options, offers and specific functions for your location, whenever you decide to share your Geolocation Information in the services. We will use this information to improve the security of the Websites and services, and to provide you with services based on your location, such as advertising, search results, and other personalised content.
      • To respond to your requests, for example those related to Customer Service.

The information provided may be communicated to service providers with the purpose and treatments described. However, regarding commercial prospecting treatments, you can contact the Customer Service Department at any time if you consider it appropriate to exercise your right to object to the processing and / or communication of data for this purpose of offering you products and services, since this data processing is optional and independent of the hiring of services requested. To exercise these rights you can do so through the email address or through our mail address: C/Estrella nº4, 15401, Ferrol (A Coruña).

To which recipients will your data be communicated?

When there is an enabling cause for this, we may communicate the information you provide to other companies.

At INVERSA we are committed to protecting your personal information and your privacy using the appropriate technical and organisational measures, taking care of both the physical security of our facilities and servers as well as logical security. Therefore, if in order to provide you with the best service with the best professionals, we need to communicate to other companies which we entrust functions such as communication, logistics, computer services, security services, financial, etc. the personal information they need to carry them out, we require them to apply the same degree of information protection as we do. These third-party companies act as data processors and only have access to the personal information they need to carry out those services. They are required to keep your personal information confidential and may not use it in any other way than what we have requested.

We may share your personal data or other information for the following reasons:

  • With employees and / or collaborators and other companies of the business group that provide assistance and consulting activities to INVERSA, necessary to provide the hired service. We may share your personal data with members of the INVERSA business group to, among other things; assess creditworthiness in order to study the pre-grant, approval or denial of the request, through the use of scoring or scoring valuation models, including exclusively automated processing or not. Likewise, to provide the services that you have authorised or requested, manage risks, help detect and prevent possible illegal and fraudulent actions and other violations of our policies and agreements, and to help us manage the availability and connectivity of communications, products and INVERSA services.
  • With other companies that provide us with their services, which are necessary to process and execute loan applications. INVERSA may:
    • Consult common compliance or non-compliance files regarding monetary obligations, also called financial solvency files, (ASNEF, EXPERIAN, among others); and communicate to said files any defaults that, in such case, occur. The foregoing may also be carried out by potential investors, in order to make their investment decisions.
    • Obtain reports on risks registered in the Spanish Central Bank’s Risk Information Center (CIRBE), which will only be used in connection with the granting and management of funding, as well as in order to ensure effective compliance with the regulations on risk control. The foregoing may also be carried out by potential investors directly to comply with their legal, contractual obligations or in compliance with their internal procedures.
    • With public notaries and lawyers, in order to formalise the corresponding loan contract, as long as INVERSA and / or its collaborating entities deem this appropriate.
    • With insurance companies, regarding the hiring of insurances linked to financing.
    • With financial entities, banks, financial services companies, investment companies, management companies or Reciprocal Guarantee Companies, including any entities that collaborate with the above, with the aim of obtaining the funding requested by the applicant or assignor.
  • With the investors of the Website, with the aim that they can make their investment decisions in INVERSA. INVERSA may publish on the Website or transmit by any other means that information provided by the applicant for financing or assignor or any other information about the assignor that INVERSA may obtain. Additionally, we will disclose the necessary information about you to investors to comply with current regulations, which you expressly consent to. INVERSA reserves the right to cancel the information published on the Website about the assignor at any time and without any reason, except legal impediment.
  • With the investors identified in the contract or any others who become investors in the future, to inform them of any event derived from the assignment contract, including any default derived from it. The assignment contract will contain your or your company’s name and data and will be known to investors and their assignees. You expressly consent that your data may be communicated or transferred by INVERSA to the aforementioned parties and potential investors when necessary for said parties to comply with the regulations on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism or any other application .
  • With the assignors, when acting as an investor, we share your personal data with the assignors of the invoices and promissory notes, so that they can carry out their tax obligations.
  • With the other investor users of INVERSA, when it is necessary to take legal action against applicants for financing or assignors.
  • With other companies that provide us with their services, necessary for the execution of the contract: we share personal data with external service providers, necessary for the execution of the contract and the provision of the requested services. Among others:
    • To recovery agencies and companies of a similar nature, lawyers and solicitors, in the event of non-payment by the financing applicant or assignor. The foregoing may also be carried out by potential investors directly to comply with their legal, contractual obligations or in compliance with their internal procedures.
    • With CIRBE, without you being able to oppose to it, we may share the data necessary to identify you when you maintain, directly or indirectly, credit risks, including in particular those that affect the amount and recoverability of these. The foregoing may also be carried out by potential investors directly to comply with their legal, contractual obligations or in compliance with their internal procedures.
    • With the credit risk rating agencies that record information about your loan application and / or acquisition of credit rights, with which INVERSA has signed agreements to guarantee the loans and with fraud prevention and detection agencies or other organisations that carry out Similar checks, track whereabouts and recover any unpaid debts you owe. The foregoing may also be carried out by potential investors directly to comply with their legal, contractual obligations or in compliance with their internal procedures.
    • With counterparties to transactions when you use the Services, such as other investors, promoters, and service providers: we may share information with counterparties to your transactions, including investors, funding applicants or assignors, or service providers when you use the Services of INVERSA.
    • With other third parties for business purposes or as permitted or required by law: we may share information about you with other parties for INVERSA’s business purposes or as permitted or required by law.
  • You are informed that for the provision of the service it is necessary that your data can be included in automated and non-automated files, for which responsibility lies with the entity Paymatico Payment Institution, S.L.U., hereinafter, “Paymatico”. To make investments or to obtain funding through the Platform, a Payment Account will be created in your name in Paymatico in order to manage the payments related to the discounted invoices or promissory notes. The personal data that you provide to the Platform may only be used for the purposes described or in compliance with legal obligations, in no case will it be used for purposes other than those indicated without your prior consent. The recipient of the personal data will be Paymatico, who may communicate it to third party providers and / or service providers when this is necessary for the provision of services to INVERSA. Such third parties may be located within the European Economic Area or in other countries, some of which may not offer a level of protection equivalent to that which exists in said Area, what must be expressly accepted by the interested party who owns the data. Payment service providers, as well as payment systems and related technology service providers to which data is transmitted to carry out transactions may be bound by the legislation of the State where they are located or by Agreements concluded by them, to provide information on the transaction to the authorities or official bodies of other countries, located both inside and outside the European Union, within the framework of the fight against the financing of terrorism and the prevention of money laundering. In any case, the interested parties may exercise their rights to protect their personal data at any time, just by sending a notification to Paymatico to the email address: or by mail to the following address : Paymatico Payment Institution, S.L.U., Servicio de Atención al Cliente, Paseo de la Castellana 77, 28046 Madrid (España).

In addition, INVERSA may provide aggregated statistical data to third parties, including other companies and individuals, on how, when and why users visit our websites and use our services. This data will not identify you personally or provide information about your use of the websites or services.

International data transfer

The personal information we collect resides in Spain. In the event that services are contracted in Cloud Computing mode making international transfers, the appropriate guarantees will be adopted to protect your information regarding which you can obtain additional information by writing to

Links to third party websites

In the event that we provide links to websites that are not operated or controlled by INVERSA, you will be duly informed since INVERSA does not have any control over said sites nor are we responsible for their content, nor do we have control over the way in which those third parties collect and use your personal information, nor are we responsible or make any declarations about third party websites.

Normally these websites have their own privacy or data protection policies, through which they will explain how they use and share your personal information. We recommend that you carefully review these policies before using these websites to ensure that you are satisfied with the way your personal information is collected and shared.

Period of conservation of your personal information

We only store your personal information to the extent that we need in order to be able to use it according to the purpose for which it was collected, and according to the legal basis for its treatment in accordance with applicable law. This way, we will only keep your personal information as long as you do not exercise your right to suppress, cancel and / or limit the processing of your data, or in case of exercising any of these rights that does not proceed according to the legal basis of the treatment.

In these cases, we will keep the information duly blocked, without giving it any use, as long as it may be necessary for the exercise or defence of claims or any type of judicial, legal or contractual responsibility that may arise from its treatment that must be attended and for which its recovery is necessary.

In general, the personal data that you have provided will be kept and processed as long as the commercial relationship is maintained, without prejudice to the possibility of exercising your right of deletion, in which case we will block your data for as long as legal obligations persist.

In any case, your personal data may be kept until:

  • 4 years in addition to the current year (Arts. 66 and following, Spanish General Tax Law, “Ley General Tributaria”)
  • 5 years: Art. 1964 Spanish Civil Code, “Código Civil” (personal actions without special term)
  • 6 years: Art. 30 Spanish Code of Commerce, “Código de Comercio” (accounting data, invoices …)

We may keep personal data for a period longer than required by law, if it is in our own legitimate and business interest, for the following reasons, as long as it is not prohibited by law:

  • for the prevention of fraud;
  • to avoid duplication in the assessment of applications;
  • to carry out direct marketing actions;

In the event that the request has not been accepted by INVERSA, your personal data will be kept in order to comply with legal obligations and avoid duplication in the study of new requests, unless after 6 months from the denial you request your opposition.

The cookies we use have defined expiration times. The User can revoke their consent for the use of cookies in their browser through the options of the manufacturer of the browser he is using. You should bear in mind that some characteristics of the contents of the INVERSA website are only available if the installation of Cookies is allowed in your browser. If you decide not to accept or block certain Cookies (depending on their purpose), this may affect, totally or partially, the normal operation of the Web page or prevent access to some services of the same. You can get more information by visiting our Cookies policy.

How can you exercise your rights?

As the owner of the rights to your personal information, you have control over this data. This way, we also ensure that the information is accurate and truthful.

  • Right of access: you can check if we are treating personal data that concerns you at INVERSA.
  • Right of Rectification and Suppression: You have the right to obtain access to your personal information, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request the deletion when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. If you have an account with us, you can generally review and modify your personal account details by logging in and directly updating the information.
  • Right of Opposition: In certain circumstances, and for reasons related to your particular situation, you may object to the processing of your data. In that case, your personal information will no longer be processed for those purposes for which you have expressed your opposition, unless for compelling legitimate reasons, or in the exercise or defense of possible claims, INVERSA must keep them, where appropriate, duly blocked during the corresponding terms as long as the legal obligations subsist.
  • Right of Limitation: In the same way, you can exercise the right to limit the processing of your personal information, requesting us to keep it while the challenge of the accuracy or legality of your data is verified, for the exercise or defence on your part from claims or while verifying if the legitimate reasons alleged for the treatment prevail over your rights and interests.
  • Right of Portability: In certain circumstances, you may request to receive the personal data that you have provided us or the portability of the same data to another data controller.
  • Right to object to the sending of advertising: In particular, in accordance with current regulations, if you do not want your data to be processed for the purpose of Advertising and Commercial Actions, which we understand enabled as the legitimate interest of our activity for financial activity, you can contact us by calling our Customer Service phone number 881 931 465, or by email to or through our address: C/Estrella nº4, 15401, Ferrol (A Coruña), or by clicking on the unsubscribe link that exists in our email promotions. In the event that you have given us your unequivocal consent for this purpose, you can also revoke it at any time by the same means. INVERSA will consult the commercial exclusion lists to avoid sending unwanted advertising. In all our communications we offer you the information so that you can exercise your rights easily and simply.

In cases where you have given us your consent for any of the treatments, you can withdraw it, without affecting the legality of the treatment based on said consent when signing your contract and the legal consequences thereof. You will be able to exercise your rights at no cost, and you will have the right to receive a response within the deadlines established by current legislation on data protection, being able to choose between the following means:

  • By means of a written and signed request addressed to the Customer Service Department, Ref. L.O.P.D., including a photocopy of the applicant’s ID which must be attached, to the address C / Estrella nº 4, 15401, Ferrol (A Coruña).
  • Sending an application together with a photocopy and / or scanned copy of the applicant’s ID to the email address
  • Calling the Customer Service phone number 881 931 465.

You can file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, especially when you are not satisfied with the response of the exercise of your rights, for more details you can consult the website

What privacy options do you have available?

You have several options regarding the communications and privacy practices described in this Data Protection Policy. Many of these options are explained at the time you create an account or register for the use of a service or directly when using one of our websites. Instructions may be provided to you within your own experiences when navigating the Services.

  • Choices related to the Personal Data we collect:
    • Personal data: You can refuse to provide personal data when INVERSA requests it, but certain services or even all the Services may no longer be available to you.
    • Location and other information about the devices: The device you use to access the Website sites or services could collect information about you, including geolocation information and user usage data that INVERSA could later collect and use. To obtain information about your options to restrict the collection and use of such information, please use the settings available on your device.
  • Options related to the use we make of your Data:
    • Internet tracking and interest-based advertising: We work with third-party service providers and partners to deliver advertising with web beacons and ad-related cookies. You can reject third-party advertising-related cookies and web beacons, in which case you will not be the target of our advertising. You will continue to see our advertisements on third party websites.
  • Options related to cookies
    • You may have options available to manage your cookie preferences. For example, your browser or internet device may allow you to delete, disable or block certain cookies and other tracking technologies. You can choose to enable these options, but doing so could prevent you from using many of the main functions and features available on a website or service.
    • You can get more information about our cookies and tracking technologies by visiting our Cookies Policy.
  • Options related to the registration process and account information
    • If you have an Account, you can generally review and modify your details by logging in and directly updating the information or by contacting us. Contact us if you do not have an account or if you have inquiries about your account information or other personal data.
  • Communications related options
    Notifications, alerts and updates from us:
    • Marketing: we can send you advertising content about our websites, services, products and other products that we can offer jointly with financial institutions, as well as the products and services of unaffiliated third parties and members of the INVERSA business group, through numerous communication channels , such as emails, text messages, pop-ups, push notifications, or messaging applications. You can deactivate these notifications, through the link that we will make available to you, in each of our communications
    • Informative and others: we will send you the necessary or mandatory notifications for the users of our services, notifications containing important information and other notifications that you request from us. It is not possible to cancel the receipt of these notifications.

How do we protect your personal information?

At INVERSA we are committed to protecting your personal information and your privacy using the appropriate technical and organisational measures, and we review these measures periodically. For an adequate protection of your information we take care of both the physical security of our facilities and servers as well as the logical security, even implementing access controls that restrict and manage the way in which your personal information and your personal data are processed, administered and managed. We also make sure that our staff is properly trained to protect your information and treat it only as necessary. In this sense, and for the sake of privacy, we may not provide you with your own data until we do not have sufficient proof of identity that we are indeed contacting you or someone duly authorised by you.

In accordance with our guarantee of security and confidentiality, we use firewalls, data encryption, physical access controls to our data centres and authorisation controls to access information. Although we strive to maintain the security of our systems and services, it is your responsibility to maintain the privacy of your passwords and your profile or account registration information. In addition, you must ensure that the personal data we store about you is accurate and up-to-date.

All payment operations are protected by Paymatico and BBVA Api Market security systems, which protect data against attempted breaches by third parties, among others. It is possible that access to our Websites may be slowed down or encounter problems depending on the model or version of your browser or the configuration of the options you have configured. We are at your disposal to help you in whatever way we can. Like you, we want Internet browsing to be safe and for this, in every Electronic Commerce transaction we make sure that our operations comply with the principles of:

  • Authentication to guarantee the individual or legal entity with which we communicate.
  • Integrity, ensure that the content of the communication between both parties cannot be modified.
  • Confidentiality, so that no unauthorised person can know the content of the communication.

Modifications to this data protection information

We will review and update the data protection information periodically and especially when there are changes in legislation or in any of the procedures for processing your personal information, indicating the date of the last update, content and date. The data protection policy will take effect on the published effective date.

If we have your email address or mobile phone, we may also inform you of such changes by email or SMS with information about such changes, apart from on the Platform itself. If necessary, we may ask you to renew your consent to confirm that you agree to these changes.

This data protection information was last reviewed and updated in September 2018.


If you have any type of query, comment or concern, or if you want to make a suggestion about how we treat personal information, you can contact the Customer Service Department at INVERSA address, C / Estrella nº 4, 15401, Ferrol (A Coruña), or by email to

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