What technology does Inversa use?

INVERSA was born as a platform that aims to be a pioneer in the use of the latest technology at the service of greater transparency and reliability for our clients, achieving an easy and safe user experience.

Payment provider end-to-end
Second account book with Blockchain
More secure transactions
Complete transparency

Double accounting with Blockchain

With this objective in mind, we decided to incorporate BLOCKCHAIN technology in the form of a virtual notary.

Our approach is to apply timestamping, verifying the contracts generated on our platform. The contracts, in addition to being electronically signed, would be registered through their hash on the blockchain, which would act as a timestamp and virtual notary at no cost to clients.

Once the hash fingerprint is embedded in the blockchain, it is immutable and will exist "forever" as a trusted timestamp.


OriginStamp is a web-based timestamp service that uses decentralised blockchain to store anonymous and unchangeable timestamps for any digital content. It allows users to store the hashes created on the blockchain, as well as retrieve and verify the timestamps that have been assigned to the blockchain. Therefore, it enables to prove to anyone that they were the initiators of certain information at a given time.

That is why we have contacted and we have the authorisation of Bela Gipp, information science professor at the University of Konstnz (Germany) for the integration of his program and the use of his brand on our platform.

Escrow Account

One of the peculiarities of payment accounts, like the ones we offer, is that it is legally mandatory that the money is always 100% available. In other words, it cannot be lent or invested, so if one day all Inversa clients wanted their money back, we could do it instantly.

Our solution for the management of third-party funds is implemented with the Platform of an independent Payment Entity through an application (API) that allows us to control the transactions and payments made by Inversa users.

For the user, the safeguarding of funds in segregated accounts through an independent Payment Entity, is a means of payment similar to Paypal but offering more security, not limited to arbitrating potential litigation, as the money does not change hands until the sale is successfully completed. This way the circle of buying and selling is closed without risks.

Data transaction flow.

Money flow.

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