Have you met Raimon, our investment automation assistant?

Inversa has developed an investment automation assistant that helps people invest in the bills that fit their goals

Steve Jobs, one of the great technologists of our time, used to say that “technology is nothing”, but what matters is trusting people’s intelligence and giving them the tools to express their talent by doing wonderful things with them. That is why the professionals at Inversa Invoice Market have created Raimon, an assistant to automate investments.

This tool is based on a development that uses Artificial Intelligence to help small investors make their savings profitable by designing investment strategies.

At a time when Artificial Intelligence is capturing the attention of public opinion and the business world is preparing to implement the profound transformations that AI will bring, it is more important than ever to remember that Artificial Intelligence must be at the service of people.

That is precisely what Raimon is. A cutting-edge technological development that allows investors operating in Inversa to make investments that are 100% in line with their goals and desires on an ongoing basis and to continuously adapt their strategies, incorporating the knowledge they acquire when investing.

Do you want to know more? In this article, we will tell you all about Raimon, an investment automation assistant that uses cutting-edge technology to facilitate everyone’s access to the investment arena.

A first-class technological environment to democratize investments

In the heat of the digitization of society and the economy and the technological revolution we are experiencing, innovative projects that combine technology and finance have emerged in recent years: FinTechs. One of these is Inversa Invoice Market, a retail investment platform where savers can invest in invoices and promissory notes of companies in the real economy in exchange for immediate interest.

To serve as a meeting point between investors who want to maximize their savings and companies that need to obtain liquidity in the short term, Inversa has deployed a technological environment capable of turning the complex into the simple. Raimon, our assistant to automate investments, is one more element of this micro-universe in which Big Data and Machine Learning are used to:

  • Enable investors and companies to operate on the platform intuitively and quickly.
  • Analyze transferor and released companies in an agile and unbureaucratic way.
  • Provide essential financial information to investors: risk level of each invoice, reimbursement analysis of the companies involved…
  • Automate investment strategies thanks to Raimon. This wizard to automate investments can process an investor’s parameters and make investments that fit them without the investor being continuously aware of the invoices and promissory notes offered on the platform.

It only takes 24 hours for users to register with Inversa until they can start investing. If, in addition, he uses Raimon, the investment automation assistant, he can even invest continuously without having to access the platform, limiting himself to modifying his investment strategy when he deems it appropriate.

Ramon is an investment automation assistant that can be used by investors who have clear ideas

How does the investment automation assistant work?

Like most of the relevant actions we perform in our lives, investing requires us to be consistent if we want to be successful. Unfortunately, consistency means dedicating time to the activity of investing.

Thus, although Inversa’s technological environment is dynamic and visually offers all the information about each bill, it is necessary to select the investments that fit each person’s objectives. Furthermore, if an investor wants to arrive on time for an invoice that may interest him, he must access the platform regularly.

Unless you use the investment automation assistant and let Raimon be the gatekeeper of your investments.

8 parameters that can be configured

The operation of using Raimon is effortless. The system guides the investor through the whole process by showing him the different parameters he must take into account when automating his investments:

  • Amount of money to invest. The user can set the total amount of his investments and stipulate how much money he wishes to invest as a maximum in a single invoice.
  • Profitability. The main incentive to invest is to earn interest in return. The wizard for automating investments allows you to set the minimum return you wish to obtain, for example, 8%.
  • Risk. Each investor has a different risk tolerance, so it is essential to establish the maximum risk that an invoice must present to invest in it.
  • Term. Not all invoices have the same maturity date. Some investors wish to invest only in invoices whose term is at most 90 days to recover their investment in the concise term and be able to make new investments.
  • Credit opinion. The invoices offered in Inversa have an independent credit opinion establishing the maximum recommended amount to invest in a company. This factor can also be incorporated into the investment automation.
  • Type of customer. The investment automation assistant can be instructed to invest only in companies or public administrations.
  • Insurance. An insurance company insures some bills. More conservative investors can set Raimon to invest only in this type of invoice.
  • Invest in a specific drawee or veto a particular debtor. One of the most exciting features of the wizard for automating investments is that it allows investors to bet on invoices from drawee companies they trust automatically. Conversely, they can veto the purchase of invoices to be paid by companies they do not trust, even if they meet all the requirements they have set up.
The investment automation wizard allows you to set the maximum risk you want to take

Why use Raimon’s services?

Now that we have explained how Raimon works and what parameters each investor can configure to get the investment automation assistant to help them implement their strategy, we should dwell on the main benefits of this tool.

You save a great deal of time

The most apparent advantage that justifies the use of the investment automation assistant is linked to time. Why? Raimon frees investors from continuously logging in to the platform to detect investments that may interest them.

Raimon anticipates investment decision-making so that the investor makes this decision by precisely establishing the characteristics of the bills or notes he wants to invest. The investment automation assistant executes this decision-making or materializes it in purchasing specific invoices or promissory notes for particular amounts.

That’s a huge time saver and increases investor freedom.

You can check out invoices that match your desire

Another crucial benefit of using the wizard to automate investments is that it helps you avoid missing opportunities that fit your goals like a glove.

Suppose you must manually access the platform to search for invoices or promissory notes. In that case, you run the risk that by the time you enter Inversa, the invoice to be paid by a debtor company you have complete confidence in has already been completed, and you will not be able to invest in it.

Raimon prevents this from happening. As soon as the invoice is published, the wizard for automating invoices will invest in it if it meets the parameters defined by the investor.

You give continuity to your investment strategies

Continuity is essential when investing. It is useless for a person to support from time to time because the interest he will get from a single operation will be insignificant.

We live in a fast-paced world where our daily routine consumes much of our time. Although they want to make investing a daily habit, many people need more time or energy to do so. Raimon can give them a hand. Thanks to this tool, they only have to configure the parameters of their investment strategies, and the assistant to automate the investments executes them for them, allowing them to invest continuously without the need to enter the platform daily.

Raimon does not invest for you, he invests for you

Does all this mean that Raimon makes the investments autonomously and the investor delegates the decision-making? Of course not. The assistant to automate investments is not a technology designed to invest for people but merely executes your investment decisions.

The tool will only make investments that conform to all the parameters the investor sets.

Moreover, these parameters can be modified whenever the investor wishes, which helps increase the amount invested and alter the investment strategies according to the experience and knowledge acquired.

Inversa's investment automation assistant allows you to set all the parameters that an investment must meet

An ally for investors who are clear about things

In light of what we have described in this article, we can conclude that the investment automation assistant is an extremely valuable tool, especially for investors who already have experience in using the platform, know the cedants and recurring debtors, and have been shaping their investment strategies according to the results they have achieved. Why?

  • To automate investments, it is essential to have a precise and well-defined investment strategy since it is advisable to establish the risk, return, or term of the investments you wish to make.
  • This tool is handy when an investor has strong confidence in a particular company or wants to commit to a specific sector. The investment automation assistant makes it possible to establish that investments are made on invoices to be paid by certain companies, preventing the investor from being left out of an operation that meets his objectives.
  • On the other hand, it also allows negative experiences to be taken into account. If an investor is not confident in a company, he can automatically avoid buying invoices from it.
  • Making decisions earlier in the investment process means that the investor is clear and that his experience and knowledge allow him to act with determination. A more hesitant investor prefers to click on the button himself and think about whether to invest, even if the data indicates that the operation will benefit him and he risks being left out because the financing of the invoice or promissory note is completed.

In short, Raimon is a tool designed to help investors plan and implement their investment strategies successfully, turn the action of investing into a daily habit, and achieve continuous maximization of their savings.

This investment automation assistant proves that Steve Jobs was right: technology is nothing. It is crucial to put innovative technological tools at the service of people to make it easier for them to deploy all their talent and succeed.

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