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Inversa is an investment platform that allows people to earn passive income and achieve financial freedom

“It is not he who has the most who is richest, but he who needs the least”, this saying, popularized by an IKEA campaign in 2010, defended that accumulation is not the path to happiness or freedom. Along the same lines is financial independence, which is gaining followers daily and advocates obtaining passive income that allows us to cover our financial needs without needing to depend on an active income such as a salary.

Thus, instead of wealth accumulation, which focuses on obtaining money and property, financial freedom focuses on other, even more valuable resources, such as time.

Therefore, the objective of obtaining passive income would not be to move towards greater wealth but to free oneself from dependence on active income and to enjoy this freedom to bet on vital, professional, artistic, or business projects.

In this article, we will reflect on how you can earn passive income by investing in companies in the real economy to gain time to live.

What is passive income?

Passive income is earned without having to actively perform any action, for example, developing a professional activity or being an entrepreneur. On the other hand, passive income is received for having carried out an exercise in the past, for example, obtaining royalties for creation, or it is the result of an investment, for example, the interest obtained for having invested in an investment fund or the rent charged for a house you own.

In other words, obtaining passive income implies participating in an asset that generates such remuneration, whether a song, a book, a company, or an apartment.

As can be seen from this definition, passive income does not fall from the sky but is obtained through effort, talent, planning, or audacity.

Everyone who wants financial freedom must devise proactive strategies for earning passive income to help them wean off their dependence on active income.

Creating and investing two ways to earn passive income

How can passive income be earned? Today, multiple alternatives facilitate a crucial issue in generating income: diversification.

As our grandmothers say, “Life is expensive”, even more so with the high inflation we have endured recently. This means the money we have to raise to cover our financial needs is increasing. Hence, diversification is essential to earn enough passive income to support our way of life.

The first avenue we can highlight for earning passive income is creation. This ranges from creating content in the digital sphere or monetizing social networks to more traditional aspects such as creating industrial patents or cultural works protected by copyright. This path is only available to people who are talented enough to make successful works or content.

On the other hand, the second way to obtain passive income is available to everyone, mainly thanks to the emergence of platforms and applications. What are we talking about? Of investment, which can include investment in housing, but focuses, above all, on investment in financial products: investment funds, shares, bank deposits, public debt, crowdlending, crowd equity, crowdfactoring

Such is the importance of investment in the quest for financial freedom that designing personalized and effective investment strategies has become a central aspect of achieving financial independence. This involves combining traditional products like Treasury bills with alternative investment mechanisms, such as crowdfactoring. As well as investing in fixed-income products, but also in variable income products or short or long-term products.

On Inversa you can earn passive income on an ongoing basis

Inversa is a platform for short-term passive income

How do you diversify sources of income? How do you set up an investment plan to obtain passive income? Many people who want financial freedom have asked themselves these questions when designing their investment strategies. Fortunately, today, a wide range of investment products and players offer them.

Inversa Invoice Market is a retail investment platform developed to facilitate access to investment for everyone. How is this access guaranteed?

  • Offering simple investment products: invoices from actual economy companies.
  • Implementing cutting-edge technological development to facilitate all financial information to investors and allow them to invest agilely.
  • Establishing an extraordinarily low minimum initial capital: only 20 euros.
  • Facilitating the monitoring and management of investments to turn the obtaining of passive income into a daily habit and a stable activity over time.

Thus, in Inversa’s marketplace, people who wish to achieve financial freedom can invest in invoices of companies that need liquidity. In return, they get the agreed interest in advance, which in 2022 averaged around 8%. Once the debtor company pays the invoice, they get their investment back, with invoices usually due in no more than 90 days.

In such a way, the interest can be reinvested even before recovering the money invested; it is also possible to implement a proactive and continuous investment strategy to obtain recurring passive income and increase the volume of funds received in this way.

Financial freedom is a long-distance race that you can start with only 20 euros

When discussing financial freedom, we must begin by pointing out that this is only obtained after some time. Having enough passive income streams to cover all our financial needs takes time, intelligence, and planning.

This is why people who embark on the road to financial freedom approach it as a long-distance race in which each step brings them closer to the finish line.

The problem many people encounter in the early stages of this race is the old mantra that “it takes money to make money”. For example, buying a house requires a large initial sum of money, even if you ask for a mortgage; investment funds need minimum capital that not everyone can afford; for the dividends of a company to be a significant source of income, it is necessary to buy a considerable share of it…

In Inversa Invoice Market, this barrier does not exist. Anyone can start investing from as little as 20 euros. Moreover, at any time, you can decide how much money you invest in the platform and adjust your investment strategies to your needs and objectives.

In such a way, a short-term investment product becomes a pivotal ally to obtaining passive income and planning for financial freedom in the medium and long term.

Earning passive income is possible thanks to platforms like Inversa

Raimon helps you automate your investments so you don’t have to invest time

Since the beginning of the article, we have pointed out the importance of time when seeking financial independence. Inversa is an investment platform that does not consume much time when earning passive income.

In fact, beyond the fact that the handling of the platform and the management of investments is very agile and dynamic, we have created Raimon, an assistant to automate investments and save time when investing.

What does this mean? Investors can set their investment requirements:

  • Maximum amount to invest
  • Minimum interest
  • Maximum term
  • Maximum risk level
  • Type of debtor

As a result of these parameters, decided by the investor, the system invests in invoices automatically, implementing the user’s previous decision-making.

For example, suppose an investor establishes that he only wishes to invest 300 euros in each invoice, with a minimum return of 9% and a maturity not exceeding 120 days. In that case, the system will only make investments that meet these demands.

In such a way, the investor can obtain passive income without having to spend hardly any time managing his investments but maintaining complete control over them.

Not waiting for retirement to enjoy an active life

Nowadays, it is possible to access the Social Security website and consult an automated calculation: the days each contributor has left until retirement.

Accessing this data can be a boost, but it can also undermine the morale of people who feel they spend almost all their time working and who have idealized retirement as a stage in their lives when they can be masters of their own time.

Financial freedom is a beneficial concept both in terms of the following:

  • Planning for a pleasant retirement, where passive income can be earned to maintain the same standard of living as when active income was earned.
  • Designing a proactive, dynamic, and diversified investment strategy allows a person to leave his job before retirement.

After all, you cannot ignore biological constraints even if you have much free time in retirement. At 70 years of age, you don’t have the same physical energy as at 45. Why wait until retirement to have all your time at your disposal?

Obtaining passive income to achieve financial freedom is not only a purely economic issue but also a vital bet, a way to build an autonomous life plan free of burdens and anchors.

At Inversa Invoice Market, people who wish to earn passive income on a continuous and constant basis can design their investment strategies with total freedom, automate investments taking into account their needs and objectives, and reap interests that allow them to live their life as the protagonist of Jean-Luc Godard’s film of the same name longed for.

Have you always wanted to write a book but never found the right moment? Would you like to materialize an entrepreneurial idea but need more time? Do you want to return to school? Earning passive income allows you to turn into reality everything you’ve been thinking about for years.

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